HOLY VIRILITY. The social construction of masculinity – Emmanuel Reynaud [PDF- full book]





1. Introduction / 1
The division into sexes / 2
The origins of patriarchy / 8
Mutilation as foundation / 13

2. Man and his body / 16
The disappearing body /17
Manly aesthetics / 21
Desiring to be a woman /26

3. Man and his penis / 31
Ignorance and mutilation / 32
The symbol of power / 36

4. Man and sexuality / 43
The music of power /44
Rape and eroticism /48
Fearful homosexuality / 53

5. The myth of the phallic orgasm /58
Man: impotent or frigid? / 59
Male sexuality and its breakdowns /62

6. The daddy and the rapist / 71
Authority / 73
Possessing the desired object / 79

7. Marriage / 86
Women as private property / 89
The contradictions of appropriation / 92

8. Between men / 98
Hierarchy: man’s prison / 100
History: a power struggle between men / 105



Holy Virility examines male power and the crimes inflicted on women in its name. Today the language used to justify this power has become more veiled, mοre insidious; it is the language of sexologists like Masters and Johnson, for whom women remain instruments to be played by male virtuosos.

Holy virility chronicles the changing language of this oppression, arguing at the same time that the oppressor is himself impoverished. Forced to measure up to macho standards of performance, many men experience their power and sexuality as heavy burdens.

Emmanuel Reynaud argues that it is within men’s grasp to reject power relations and begin to behave in a way that is neither hierarchical nor exploitative. What is needed is a radical change in men’s relationships both with women and with other men.

‘It makes me question much of how I behave as a father and as someone trying to love other free human beings. The book has made me think about the violence I fear from other men, that they must fear from men and that women and children must fear from us all the time … get hold of this book and read it closely’

Chris Tribble in Achilles Heel.

Emmanuel Reynaud has been active in the men’s movement in France since it began. When first published, Holy Virility caused an uproar among French patriarchs.







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